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Are you tired of searching Big encyclopedias for trivial information? Do you feel yourself confused , trying to extract one accurate paragraph out of 30-40 pages of text? If yes, then this is just the site for you.

Newbiepedia, as the name suggests, is a free online encyclopedia dedicated to provide everyone with crisp , to-the-point and easy-to-understand information that anyone can edit.


A little FAQ to explain more about this site

  1. What is it meant for?
    This site is meant to provide information in the simplest and shortest way possible without the information loosing its essence.
    If you are tried of searching long pages on Encylcopedias for trivial information, this is just the site for you
  2. Who is the author of the articles here?
    Everyone. Like all wikis, this wiki can be edited by anyone. Most of the information has been provided in a simpler way by editing the information from many sites.These sites will be cited along the article.

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