The ideas that are followed while running this wiki-

-every page consists of a facts section or paragraph at its bottom.Some known facts about that country or person are written so that every person, even who doesn't live there or doen't know the personality well can get some extra knowledge about him, which he usually does not get in more formal wikis.

-these facts may seem obvious or noobish but belive us, the person reading this wiki will not know them and will be happy to know about them

EXAMPLE-facts about albert einstein:-

  1. his brain is still kept safe in some german museum (or whatever)
  2. he is the most well known scientist and known as the greatest genius by many......

-also, try to keep it a bit informal, the reader must get the information as if he is talking to the person who knows about the topic.

- AT the bottom of every page, a link to a wikipedia page , dictionary page , google search page , youtube search page should be given .

- A youtube video most relevant to the topic must be embedded at the bottom of every page.

Encyclopedia Rap

Encyclopedia Rap

Sample video

-Every page has a section called "QUotes" in which relevant and only most popular quotes are to be posted